To ensure the safe operation of the device it is recommended to read this user manual completely before starting to use the device.

  • Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth low energy)
  • Radio Frequency: 433 MHz (ICM).
  • Infrared carrier frequency: 38 kHz.
  • Size: 81 x 49 x 12 mm
  • Compatible with BJLive! Enablers
  • Switch input 3.5mm mono jack (female)
  • Switch output 3.5mm mono jack (female)
  • Long life Ion-Polymer battery
  • Micro-USB port for charging

Use this product to control any electronic device and elements of your household environment (lights, blinds, doors, bed, etc.) from your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone.

This product is comprised by the following elements:

  • Control+:

  • Control app: application for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Control+ uses Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth low energy, BLE) to establish the communication with the mobile device where the application is installed. Room coverage is ensured.

This remote works with radio frequency and infrared signals.

  1. Charge the battery

    It is important to fully charge the battery before initial use. To do so connect the supplied battery charger to the micro USB port (charger input). 

    During charging, the LED of battery status will remain red. When the battery is fully charged, the LED will be green. When the LED is green, you can disconnect the battery charger.

    The battery LED will flash in red every 4 seconds to warn about low battery.   

  2. Download and install the app

    Control app is available from Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS. To download the app search for “Control by BJLive!”.

  3. Link Control+ to the device where the app is installed

3.1. Enable Bluetooth in the device where the application is installed.

3.2. Remember that Control+ uses Bluetooth low energy, therefore it is compatible only with devices using this technology. Please check the list of compatible devices in our website

3.3. Open the app and select “Settings” from the menu. Select the first option in the list.

3.4. Select “CTRL+”.

If there are several Control+ devices in range, they will all appear in the list. Select the device Control+ to which you would like to link by testing each device.

If you have not enabled Bluetooth in the mobile before opening the app, the app will show a message to Enable Bluetooth. Then proceed as indicated in steps  3.2 and 3.3.

With the Control app you will be able to customise the remote control interface and functionality.
A set of default templates is prepared with different levels and buttons per level to control access to the home, lights, domestic appliances, music equipment, TV, etc.

The user can use the default template or create new buttons and levels. In any case it will be necessary to record the infrared signals from the infrared appliances.

Use the Help provided with the app to learn how to create/edit buttons and templates and record new signals.

If the Control+ has run out of battery or it is out of range, a warning message will appear.

Medical devices

Radio equipment can interfere with the functioning of medical devices that are not suitably protected. Consult a physician or the manufacturer of the medical device to determine whether it is adequately shielded from external radio frequency energy.

Implanted medical devices

Manufacturers of medical devices recommend a minimum separation of 15.3 centimeters (6 inches) between a wireless device and an implanted medical device such as a pacemaker or implanted cardioverter defibrillator, to avoid potential interference with the medical device.

Operating environment

  • During infrared recording, make sure that there is nothing nearby generating an infrared signal. Note that some types of fluorescent lighting and presence detectors emit infrared signals.
  • Control+ is prepared to record infrared signals of 38KHz. Signals above this may not be able to be recorded.
  • Other products that use the same radio frequency band (433 MHz) as this remote control can interfere with the control of the receivers. Make sure that neither the remote nor the receivers are located near these sources.
  • Keep the device dry. Moisture and liquids may damage the parts or electronic circuits of the device. Water damage to your device may void the warranty. Dust may cause the device to malfunction.
  • Do not drop the product or subject it to impacts. It may be damaged if dropped. Do not paint your device or attach stickers to it.
  • Do not store the device near magnetic fields.
  • Do not disassemble, modify or repair the device. Any changes or modifications made to your device could void the warranty.
  • When cleaning the device: Use a towel or soft cloth to clean the device and charger. Do not use chemicals, detergents or solvents.
  • Do not use it for any purpose other than that for which it was designed.

The battery installed in the remote is a single lithium ion polymer cell. Ion polymer batteries cannot withstand temperature excesses. If it overheats, the battery could catch fire. For this reason:

  • Do not leave the remote near heat sources such as radiators, electric blankets, heaters, etc.
  • Never leave the remote inside vehicles.
  • Only charge the battery with 5V charger or through a USB port.

The battery can be charged and discharged countless times but it will eventually wear out. You will need to replace the battery when the battery life is noticeably shorter than normal. To do this, contact your distributor.

The full charging time of the battery can vary between 4 or 5 hours. When the battery is fully charged, disconnect it from the charger, as overcharging may shorten the battery’s lifetime.

Frequent full charges and discharges put stress on the battery and drastically reduce its lifespan.

The correct way to disconnect the device from an external power supply is, firstly, to unplug the cable from the socket transmitting the electricity to the power supply/equipment charger. You may then remove the connector socket directing the voltage to the actual equipment.

Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste!

Dispose of the waste product via a collection point for electronic scrap or via your specialist dealer.

Put the packaging material into the recycling bins for cardboard, paper and plastics.

Within the statutory warranty period we undertake to rectify free of charge by repair or replacement any product defects arising from material or production faults.

Any unauthorized tampering with, or modifications to the product will annul this warranty.

This product complies with the European directives 2004/108/EC. The declaration of conformity can be consulted at the company’s web page.

The Declaration of Conformity can be downloaded at BJ-259 Conformity.pdf

If, despite of correct handling, faults or malfunctions occur or if the product was damaged, please contact us at the address below:

BJ Adaptaciones
C/ Mare de Déu del Coll, 70, Bajos
08023 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 93 285 04 37
Fax: +34 93 553 56 34