Adapted Wireless Personal Alert System


To ensure the safe operation of the device it is recommended to read this user manual completely before starting to use the device.

  • Reaches 70 meters in free space, lower in places with obstacles.
  • 16 different sounds.
  • Includes plug and screw for ring installation.
  • High sound alarm.

This product is used to give an emergency alert through an adapted control. Just click on the transmitter button or pressing the switch to generate the warning through an alarm melody (Manufactured by Electro DH, S.A.).




  • See our list of switches to see which best fits your needs.
  • Check with our technical team if you want to match more than a one trasmitter or ring together. 
  • Connect CR2032 battery in the transmitter (included with the product) taking into account the polarity.


  • Connect three AA batteries of 1.5 V in the back compartment of the alarm taking into account the polarity of the three batteries. Close the battery compartment.
  • To turn on the alarm activate the remote’s button or connect a switch to the switch input and activate it.
  • The LED indicating that the transmitter has been activated will turn on for a few seconds to indicate that the call has been made.
  • If you want to change the alarm tone, press the button located inside the front cover. When activating it the new alarm melody will sound.
  • Clean the product with a cloth slightly dampened with water.
  • Avoid impacts on both the control and the ring.
  • Do not connect switches that can apply voltage to the input switch.

Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste!

Dispose of the waste product via a collection point for electronic scrap or via your specialist dealer.

Put the packaging material into the recycling bins for cardboard, paper and plastics.

Within the statutory warranty period we undertake to rectify free of charge by repair or replacement any product defects arising from material or production faults.

Any unauthorized tampering with, or modifications to the product will annul this warranty.

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