Versions of this product: SHX Bubbles Tube
  • It’s highly recommended to read this manual before start using the device.
  • The product should be always used under adult supervision.
  • The bubble tube is designed to create an optical effect and users can touch and hug the tube, however, the tube should never be shaken, overturned or hit with hard objects
  • To ensure its stability, if it isn’t used with the specific base, it can be secured using an extra clamp (not supplied with the product).
  • Before filling the tube with water, place it at its final location in the room to avoid moving it when is full.
  • During filling and emptying, the tube must be disconnected from the power supply.
  • Just fill the tube with clean water, leaving a gap at the top of 8 to 10cm.
  • Do not move or tip the tube once it is filled with water. For this reason it should be placed in the final position before filling.
  • After it is filled with water, two electrical connections must be made.
  • Never use chemical or abrasive products to clean the tube.


  • Base mesures: 36x36x15cm
  • Tube high: 1,8m (available in other measures).
  • Tube diameter: 20cm
  • Water capacity: 50 litros (aprox.)

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 230Vac 50Hz – 12Vac/ 50VA  // 230Vac 50Hz – 12Vdc/ 36W (according to the product version)
  •  MAX power: 35W


The bubble tube stands out in the darkness and captivates the attention of anyone near it with its light and movement. This bubble tube helps create innumerous atmospheres using its colorsvibrationsoundreflections, floating objects and interaction.


Our Luminea Tube can be used along with a 6 button, giant die, the switch that you want, or even with the Luminea App (available for downloading) to control the coloursand bubbles of the tube in a unique way.

Besides being part of a small sensory room, Luminea bubble tube can also be part of the SHX System as part of a more complete multisensory environment, which multiplies the interactive possibilities within an integrated system that incorporates the remaining devices within the room, including projection, sound, vibration, etc.


  1. Bubble tube
  2. Control Box
  3. Power supply
  4. 6m DMX cable




  • A 230V socket must be provided for the power supply of the device.
  • A DMX connection must be provided for lighting control (female DMX connector).
  • In case of need to control more lighting elements, a second DMX connection must be provided to ensure continuity to the signal (male DMX connector).


  • Remove the protective film from the methacrylate tube.
  • In a SHX installation, connect the DMX cables: connect to the IN connector the cable that comes from the previous DMX device in the chain or if the tube is the first element, then the cable should come directly from the Central Device SHX. From the OUT connector the cable should go to the next element in the DMX chain.

  • Place the Luminea Tube at its final location in the room to avoid moving it when is full.
  • IMPORTANT: Level the bubble tube by moving the leveling legs at the corners of the bubble tube to ensure that the tube is stable.
  • Connect the power supply.
  • Connect the control switches if required.
  • Fill the tube with clean water (if any water is spilled, dry it).
  • In case of including a Balls Kit for the bubbles tube, put them into the tube once filled, keep them under the water until the air inside is gone.


Before start using the device check the following points:

  • Connect the power adapter to the main.

  • Once you’ve plugged the light source, it will stay lit for 10 seconds (a white light) and thereafter it will work in automatic mode (see next section).


Use with switches

This input  switches the device on and off. When it is switched on, the lighting will change automatically and activate the bubbles.


This input changes the lighting colour cyclically, transitioning through red, green, yellow, blue, orange, white and off.


This input connect and disconnect the bubbles.


Use with wireless controllers

This device can be controlled with the wireless Button 6 controller or SHX Die.

Programme the Button 6 controller to work on the fibre optics setting to change the colour of the lighting directly from this wireless controller.

You can also turn the device on and off from the wireless controller.


Control with an Android tablet

Use the Luminea app to control the Luminea Tube directly from an Android tablet.

Follow these steps:

Link the Luminea Tube to the tablet.

Select the lighting device from the list that appears in the app.

Use the activities and features in the app to control the lighting device.


Refer to the help section in the app for information on how to use it.



SHX use 

  • In the SHX software you can control the lights of the device.
  • In the SHX app, you will also find a tab that allows you to change the colors of the device: you can choose between different colors or activate the function of automatic color changes.

  • In the SHX application there’s a power off button, you can turn off the device with it.
  • You can configure the different contents of the SHX application as well, to create the effects you want to associate with that content. See the manual of the SHX application to learn how to create these contents, (automatic mode, according to the SHX scenes, by sound, simultaneous with the other elements or independent)

The control of this device has been added to the SHX application.
The configuration parameters for this device are:

Lighting control:

  • DMX address: 001

In the SHX application it has been created within the DMX devices with the following configuration:

Control via radiofrequency

Radiofrequency codes to control the bubbles:

Code 43: ON / OFF

Code 74: OFF

Code 89: ON

Code 96: intermittent bubble

Code 112: single bubble

In the SHX application it is configured inside the RF devices with the following configuration:

  • The tube must be disconnected from the power supply before cleaning.
  • Never use chemical or abrasive products to clean the tube.
  • Clean the tube and the base from the top downwards using non-soapy water and a soft cloth. Thoroughly dry the surface of the tube and the base and wait one hour to connect to the power supply.
  • It is recommended to use a capful of non soapy bleach to the water once a year to prevent presence of algae and bacteria.
  • Make sure there aren’t any soap residues inside the bubble tube (otherwise the bubbles will create foam and it will overflow from the tube).
  • When you notice the water turning cloudy, it must be changed.
  • To avoid any possible damage to the environment or human health caused by uncontrolled disposal of waste, separate these products from other types of waste and recycle them correctly.
  • Private users can contact the establishment where they purchased the product or with the their local authorities to find out how and where they can safely recycle it.

Within the legal warranty period we agree to rectify for free by repairing or replacing defects in the product derived from defective materials or manufacturing defects.

Any unauthorised alteration or modifications to the product will void this warranty.

This product complies with 2014/30/EU Directive requirements .

If you find any damage or any material is missing please contact our technical service for assistance.

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