In order to ensure the safe operation of the device it is recommended to read this user manual completely before starting to use the device.

  • Switch Inputs for 3.5 mm female jack
  • USB connection 2.0
  • Operating voltage and current: 5V dc, 200mA
  • Size: 50 x 25 x13 mm
  • USB OTG cable with micro USB connector
  • USB OTG cable with type C connector

This switch adapter allows connecting up to two switches to a computer USB port and use them with different specific applications that offer scanning access.

The computer recognizes the device as a joystick and with the software provided it is possible to convert the inputs into mouse or keyboard signals depending on the user’s needs.

USB Switch adapter

Fig. 1. USB Switch adapter.

Download Mouse4all Box app from Google Play Store on an Android mobile (requires Android version 7 or higher)

Follow the instructions to start using the device.

Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC.


Connect the switches to the inputs of the Mouse4all Go device.


Connect the Mouse4all Go device to the correspondent cable adapter depending on the mobile phone:

IMPORTANT: To make Mouse4all Go work is necessary a mobile phone with OTG functionality. Check the manufacturer’s specifications.


Connect the cable adapter to the mobile phone.

  • The first time you connect Mouse4all GO, your Android device will ask if you want to open Mouse4all box. Check the box ‘Always open Mouse4all Box when connecting’ and press OK.
  • Next you will be asked for a series of permissions to be able to use the application. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.



Personalize access to your mobile device through the application settings.


1. Does Mouse4all Go works with any Android device?

For Mouse4all Go to work with an Android device, it should meet the following requirements:

  • Android device with OTG function.
  • 7.0 or higher versions of Android 

2. How can I know if my Android device has OTG function?

To make Mouse4all Go work check the manufacturer’s specifications, it should include information about the USB type of connector and its functions.

Clean the product with a slightly damp cloth. Always do it with the device unplugged.

If your unit does not work properly, do not manipulate it and get in contact with your distributor.

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